Taste the rainbow.

Taste the rainbow.

Delivering faster computers

since 2007

We are the "IT Guy" for companies, churches, nonprofits and residential customers around the Grand Rapids, MI. area. If you are interested in unlimited tech support consider contacting us to see what plan works for you. Your time spent on equipment is no longer a concern, because IT is unlimited throughout the year!

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Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

Our mailing address is

GR Computer Repair

1625 Walker Ave NW #140076

Grand Rapids, MI 49514

Hire Better Techs!

  • Do you fix Mac's?
  • Do you do web design?
  • Do you Recycle old computers?
  • Where are you located?
  • Can you recover my pictures?
  • Do you sell used computers?
  • We need faster WiFi in our office.
Do you fix Mac's?

We repair logic boards. screens, keyboards, hard drives, and more.

Do you do web design?

We own GRWebCo.com, a website hosting company. We love building websites and can build you a site that is fast, that looks good and you can update it too! We have Shopify, WIX, and WordPress experience.

Do you Recycle old computers?

We offer a free pick up recycling service. Plus we respect your data and we format the hard drives; this fully erases your data.

Where are you located?

We are mobile techs, providing onsite work or try our pick up and delivery service!

Our mailing address is

GR Computer Repair

1625 Walker Ave NW #140076

Grand Rapids, MI 49514

Can you recover my pictures?

We have fixed broken USB thumb drives, soldered circuit boards and more, just to recover pictures! SSD hard drives can fail too. If your computer is taking a long time to save files, it might be time time to save them to another drive or to the cloud.

Do you sell used computers?

We sell refurbished Apple Computers and PCs, some mobile items too. Most even come with a ( 1 ) year warranty!

We need faster WiFi in our office.

Wi-Fi Mesh Systems are very good! When you move around the home or office, your device automatically connects to the best unit.

Remote Support

Coaching, Tune-Up, Virus Removal


Need a quick fix? We can connect into your Mac or PC and provide a tune-up, remove malware, get updates, or One-on-One Coaching on anything tech!

English y Español

Internet connection required.

Billed in 15 min increments.

Onsite Support

Computer Repair, Smart Home Automation and Tech Coaching


Want to learn how to use your new device? We can customize your devices to work with your Garage Door, Video Cameras, Sprinklers, Furnace, Lights, Switches and more...

​Call to set up a time that works best.

Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon Michigan - Computer Repair.

Pick up and Delivery Services

PLAN A - Cloning your hard drive to a faster Solid State Hard Drive is the BEST WAY to make your computer faster!

PLAN B - We backup your data, reinstall the operating system. Then we deliver your device and reconnect your WIFI, printer and install any programs that you have. This service makes your computer like new again!

PLAN C - Getting your computer up to date, maybe a Windows Upgrade, just an overall tune-up.

PLAN D - Data Recovery...

This Summer Covid Price Break

Get One-on-One Coaching / Training on anything tech!



On-Site or Remote Coaching.

Call to schedule a time that works.

expires August 31, 2020